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We offer a wide range of plumbing, drainage repairs and drainage services across the Lower Mainland and Greater Vancouver Area.

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drainage repairs, services and replacements

At Lux Plumbing and Drainage drainage services and drainage replacements are one of our many specialty services. With over 15 years in the industry we complete repairs on all drainage materials and drainage systems such as drain leak repairs, drain cleaning, drainage maintenance, kitchen sink drains, bathroom sink drains, floor drains, outside drains, abs pipe drains, pvc pipe drains, drain backups and so much more. If anyone knows there plumbing and drainage it's us. We have the highest track record of completing repairs other companies could not complete or diagnose. Call today 604-700-1751 and have Lux Plumbing and Drainage the drainage specialists over.

leaking drain pipes under kitchen sink, bathroom sink, leaking shower, leaking bathtub

leaking drain pipe Drainage services

When was the last time you checked underneath you bathroom sink or kitchen sink for drainage or plumbing leaks? Over time just like plumbing pipes, drainage pipes can develop leaks as well which can lead to property damage. We complete a wide variety of drainage inspection services throughout your home for any future or current issues that may have not been addressed to you. We repair bathtub drain leaks, shower drain leaks, p-trap leaks. Lux Plumbing and Drainage can help you keep all your drains operating as they should.

drain cleaning clogged pipe with grease, roots, clogged bathroom, clogged kitchen sink

drain cleaning drainage services

Not often do you think about your drains in your home, especially the ones that are not visible and hidden underground, until a blockage develops. Proper service maintenance of lines with roots and grease must be addressed immediately in order to prevent sewer and drain backups. Certain items that we wont specify to prevent you from losing your appetite should never be put down the drains they can further cause more damage to your drainage system. Do you notice slow drain, or gurgling noises in your drainage call the experts at Lux Plumbing and Drainage at 604-700-1751. We promise to solve it right the first time guaranteed.

flood due to drain tile, sump pump, water service, sewer line

flooding and backups

While floods are probably best known for causing extensive water damage to homes and businesses, they can also cause sewage from sanitary sewer lines to back up into houses through drain pipes. These backups not only cause damage that is difficult and expensive to repair, but also create health hazards. Floods occur when drain tiles backup through your foundation walls and floors. When your storm sump pump or, sanitary sump pump fail and need repairs call us 604-700-1751. At Lux Plumbing and Drainage we will provide you with a full drainage evaluation.

sewer line replace, broken sewer line, roots in sewer line, clogged sewer line, back-up

sewer line repairs & replacement drainage services

If and when your sewer line has roots, bellies (when pipe has lost grade and collects water), breaks, and shifts sewer line replacements or repairs are most likely the best way to prevent any further issues from arising. We have the most up to date technology in sewer line trenching and replacement. We provide free estimates prior to work start and go over the complete scope of work from beginning to the end, so you can rest assured. At Lux Plumbing and Drainage we understand your home is your most valuable asset we respect your belongings and promise to leave it as if we were never there. Call our expert plumbers today.

drain tile repair and replacement, free estimate, clay tile, pvc pipe

drain tile repairs and replacements outside drainage services

In modern applications, drain tile isn't tile at all, but a system of plastic PVC pipe that is laid beneath the ground around a home's foundation. It is intended to collect the water before it can enter a basement or crawl space, and it either directs the water downhill away from the home's foundation using gravity or directs it into a collection pit also known as a sump where an electric sump pump can remove it from the house. In some systems, the piping may run to a distant drainage pit buried underground, while in other systems the piping or sump pump dumps the water where it can run into storm sewers or filter into the ground. wet basement? Or are you just looking for a free estimate to replace your drain tile? Call Lux Plumbing and Drainage at 604-700-1751.

sewer camera inspection for broken sewer line, bak up, roots in sewer line, drainage back up,sewer cleaning

camera inspection drainage services

A sewer camera inspection is a process that inspects a property’s sewer line by inserting a video camera in the sewer pipe. Potential issues can be identified and located with a high resolution video camera. Some problems that can be identified are leaks, cracks, breaks and blockages, such as roots. A sewer camera inspection, done properly, could mean the difference between lots of time and expense wasted (without being any closer to knowing what the problem is)—and getting a clear read on the problem with the “best case” advisement given as to how to solve it. Call us to have your drains inspected after all we are Vancouvers number one drainage company.

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24 hour emergancy drainage services

Wet basement? floor drain backing up? flooded house? Dont worry lux Plumbing and Drainage is your plumbing and drainage experts regardless of the emergancy or situation we have you covered day and night. Call today and have the golden plumbers resolve the problem right the first time.

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